3D modelling advantages

Computer based 3D animation of log homes and self made houses

With 3D modelling we aer able to present to customer products that should yet to be built and win over hesitant customers.

When required, animations can be fitted into clients enviroment and bring him closer to future looks and matching into enviroment.

Next phase begins with creating detailed 3D model for documentation preparation providing visual check for required house, overcoming shortcommings in architects projects during desing (can we open doors and windows and low height loft, checkk heights on slope up stairs etc.), without additional costs for producing again certain parts.

Log homes drawings assembly and check in design phase

When required or on customer demand we can make temporary animations, note problems and suggest solutions, so that customer can choose which solution is best suited for him.

Happy customer is the best reference!

Finally, after customer compliance and detailed 3D model check the same 3D model is used to produce accurate and detailed production drawings.

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